Get Your Glow On: Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide MAX Hydrating Moistur

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Hey there, AcneList readers! Are you tired of moisturizers that leave your skin feeling greasy and heavy? Look no further because we've got the scoop on the Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide MAX Hydrating Moisturizer!

This moisturizer is perfect for anyone who wants to hydrate their skin while also getting a glow-up. The Vitamin C brightens your skin, while the peptides help firm it up. Plus, it's super hydrating without leaving a heavy residue, making it perfect for all skin types.

If you're dealing with stress acne or pregnancy acne, this moisturizer can help brighten up your complexion. And if you're dealing with cystic pimples or infected pimples, the peptides can help firm up your skin, making it less prone to scarring.

- Brightens skin with Vitamin C
- Firms skin with peptides
- Lightweight and non-greasy
- Hydrates skin
- Perfect for all skin types

- Contains fragrance, which can be irritating for some
- Price point may be a bit high for some

Overall, we're loving the Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide MAX Hydrating Moisturizer. It's the perfect addition to any skincare routine, especially if you're dealing with acne-prone skin. With its brightening and firming properties, it's definitely a must-try!

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

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