Get that Mad Hippie glow with this Age-Defying Wrinkle Cream!

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As someone who has dealt with apule acne and post inflammatory erythema, finding a good moisturizer that doesn't break me out can be a struggle. But this face cream has been a lifesaver! Not only does it hydrate my skin, but it also has anti-wrinkle properties with its Matrixyl Peptide Complex Collagen Cream. I mean, who doesn't want to look like they're bathing in the fountain of youth?

This cream is perfect for women and men alike who are looking for a hydrating moisturizer with added anti-aging benefits. It's especially great for those dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, but it can also help with those pesky pimples on face, pimples on forehead, or jawline acne. And let's not forget those tiny bumps on face - this cream can smooth them out too!

- Contains Niacinamide which helps with inflammation and redness
- Lightweight formula that doesn't leave a greasy residue
- Cruelty-free and vegan
- Comes in a convenient 1.02 fl oz size that's perfect for travel
- Affordable price point

- May not be suitable for those with extremely oily skin as it does contain some comedogenic ingredients
- May leave a slight white cast on darker skin tones

In conclusion, Mad Hippie Face Cream is a great addition to anyone's skincare routine. It's hydrating, anti-aging, and affordable - what more could you ask for? Overall, I give it a solid 9 out of 10!

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